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VIDEO TUTORIALS: basic guide to Double Helix silver glass
The presentation Hayley gave at the 2016 ISGB conference in New Orleans, including the video demonstrations, is now available for anyone interested in the fundamentals of working with Double Helix striking, reducing, and combination silver glass, as well as Hayley's recommendations.

sherherazade series

Hayley currently teaches five different classes including the popular two-day Explore the Magic of Silver Glass and four one-day workshop: Scheherazade, Silver Glass Texture + Murrine, Dragon Scale Beads, and Design Your Own Ornate Bead. For more information, visit our Workshop and Schedule pages.

silver glass 101
Interested in learning more about silver glass? Silver Glass 101 contains lots of information including annealing schedule and free step-by-step tutorials, as well as ebooks available for purchase. There are also images and information on the more recent Double Helix test batches.

ebooks and tutorials
We offer nine silver glass exchange compilation ebooks (SE1 to SE9), two reactive (Reactive Twisties 2011 and Reactive Twisty + murrini) ones, and a color reference guide, Bedazzled – a reference ebook on layering Clio, Kalypso, and more!, as well as a tutorial, S W I R L – an ebook on gravity swirl, bicone shaping, silver glass.

enVision is a studio of Helen Tsang and Hayley Tsang Sather in beautiful San Francisco, California. We offer handcrafted lampworked glass, unique artisan jewelry, beadmaking ebooks/tutorials, glass murrinis, and since 2014, knitted lace shawl patterns. Hayley also teaches glass beadmaking workshops worldwide.

Second Annual Bench Sale

Another successful Online Bench Sale! Thank you for all your support. We will leave our interchangeable chain and murrine collections up on the shop. Until next time! SHOP LINK.

Enchantment Series

Enchantment series

Enchantment Mini Globes

Enchantment Mini Globes

Scheherazade Series

Scheherazade series

Celestial Series

celestial series

Dragon Scale Series

Dragon Scale series


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Here is where you will be able to find our a limited selection of glass and jewelry, murrini, and all of our ebooks and tutorials for sale. We currently only have our ebooks and tutorials listed. A list of shows where you will be able to shop the entire collection of our glass and jewelry in person can be found here as well. Our knit section feature Hayley's lace shawl patterns – Serendipity, Affinity, Meandering, QD – Quadratische Decke Shawl, Peony – Pfingstrose Shawl, its sister, Simply Peony, Leaf Wreath – Shawl, Diana, Sibylle, and Nephthys.


Interested in learning more about our work as well as silver glass? Check here for silver glass 101, a reference of Double Helix glass including some of its recent test batches, the various workshops Hayley teaches, and the schedule for our shows, presentations, classes, and conferences. Most notable is the Explore the Magic of Double Helix Silver Glass presentation, including video tutorials, Hayley gave at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers conference summer of 2016.


Want to know more about us? See how our work has progressed over the years? Check out latest work, about us and gallery under this tab.


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Serendipity Lace Shawl

serendipity lace shawl

Affinity Lace Shawl

affinity lace shawl

Meandering Stole / Cowl

meandering stole/cowl

Quadratische Decke Shawl

qd quadratische decke shawl pattern

Pfingstrose Shawl

peony pfinstrose shawl pattern

Simply Peony Shawl

simply peony shawl pattern

Blattkranz Shawl

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl pattern

Diana Lace Shawl

diana shawl pattern

Sibylle Shawl

sibylle shawl pattern

Nephthys Shawl

nephthys shawl pattern

Hayley has ventured into lace shawl design and published six patterns: Serendipity, Affinity, Meandering, Diana, Nephthys and five adaptations of the Herbert Niebling design: Quadratische Decke, Pfingstrose and its sister, Simply Peony, Blattkranz, and Sibylle. She also started a Ravelry group, enVision: For knitters with discriminating taste for luxury yarns and exceptional patterns, primarily in challenging lace designs. Click on each image for more information or visit knit under shop.