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A showcase of our work – currently features our postcards through the years – we hope to add a selection of our work and even non-glass items in the future.

About Us

Helen Tsang and Hayley Tsang Sather are sisters whose backgrounds in architecture, fine art and graphic design lead them to transform their creative energy into material form. Their San Francisco lampworked glass and artisan jewelry studio is named enVision for their motto – we live to create; we love to envision.

Helen Tsang

Helen Tsang is a practicing architect licensed in California specializing in residential architecture. In addition to glass, Helen's passion is music. She started playing the piano at the young age of four, studied the violin and flute briefly before settling down with the cello. She performs in the cello section of the San Francisco Civic Symphony – a community orchestra that gives free concerts in San Francisco quarterly.

In 2006, Helen, along with Hayley, discovered the magic of glass while searching for interesting beads to incorporate into their jewelry. Helen has had the privilege of studying under Claudia Trimbur-Pagel, Cynthia Tilker, and Norikazu Kogure (author of the popular book, Tonbo Dama), and was the teaching assistant for Holly Cooper. Helen loves drawing on glass and has spent numerous hours perfecting her stringer control. Her latest series is inspired by the Byzantine style jewelry.

Education and Professional License
1986 – Licensed Architect, California
1984 – Bachelor of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa

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Hayley Tsang Sather

Hayley Tsang Sather has a fine arts background with a BFA from the University of Hawaii and a MFA from Yale University. She has had her own graphic design studio for over 20 years in San Francisco. Her art and crafts background enabled her to explore many mediums – from drawing, painting and sculpture in her younger years to photography and ceramics later. More recently, she has been exploring woodworking, jewelry, and metal clay.

In 2006 she, along with Helen, discovered the magic of glass while searching for interesting beads to incorporate into their jewelry. Hayley has had the privilege of studying under many inspiring artists and is most influenced by Vittorio Costantini, Gianni Toso, and Loren Stump, who have piqued her interest in sculptural work.

Hayley has spent a great deal of time exploring silver glass – soda lime glass laden with silver and other metals – and has written, taught, and authored tutorials on the subject. Although working with silver glass is her passion, her obsession is executing a perfect form, such as a slender bicone, a tube, an olive, a barrel, or a sphere.

Hayley thrives in being outside her comfort zone and is continually exploring. Her endeavors in her flameworking journey include wearable "marbles," humongous blown hollows, giant-hole rings, intricate stringer and dot decoration, and embellishments.

Early 2014, Hayley rekindled her passion for knitting after discovering the fiber site, Ravelry. She has started enVision, a group "For knitters with discriminating taste for luxury yarns and exceptional patterns, primarily in challenging lace designs" and delved into the exciting world of lace shawl designs.

About about the same time, Hayley began taking metalsmithing classes at her local community college and continues to explore its many interesting techniques. She hopes to one day combine her glass, fiber, wire works, woodworking, and metalsmithing skills into fun and exciting objet d'art!

Hayley draws her inspiration from her fine arts training of design, color, texture, composition, abstraction, juxtaposition, and interpretation.

Hayley teaches flameworking both in the United States and worldwide.

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