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Basic guide to Double Helix silver glass



Striking and Reducing

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Explore the Magic of Double Helix Silver Glass

Presentation from the 2016 International Society of Glass Beadmakers Gathering
in New Orleans, Louisiana


Combination – Striking and Reducing Silver Glass

double Helix combination silver glass.jpg

clockwise from top: Clio, Clio Dark, Kalypso, Ekho, Terra 2 – encased in Zephyr and Aether

The Striking and Reducing Sequence

Work the three-step striking process until first strike is observed.

Create a reduction flame.

Reduce until the desired effects are achieved.

Keep the bead under the flame, encase with Zephyr or Aether clear (Aether may be reactive to some reduction colors) or a clear of your choice.

Soften the encasement and marver often, add clear glass if necessary.

Watch the glow of the glass as it is an indication of how much heat is being put on the bead – in order to NOT lose the striking and/or reduction effects, never go pass the red orange stage (silver glasses are not all created equal with some being more forgiving and can take more heat than others).

double Helix combination silver glass.jpg

clockwise from top: Clio, Clio Dark, Kalypso, Ekho, Terra 2 – encased in Zephyr

Each set of three (except for the last Terra 2):
1 Struck, reduced, and encased
2 Struck and reduced
3 Reduced

double Helix combination silver glass.jpg

left to right: Hyperion – spacers, encased in Zephyr, Dragon Scale bead encased in Zephyr and Aether

Video Demonstration with Double Helix Ekho

Encasing combination – striking and reducing – silver glass and murrine application

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