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Explore the Magic of Double Helix Silver Glass

Presentation from the 2016 International Society of Glass Beadmakers Gathering
in New Orleans, Louisiana


Reducing Silver Glass

double Helix reducing silver glass.jpg

left to right from top: Aurae, Helios, Triton, Elektra, Iris, Iaso

The Reducing Sequence

reducing process

Heat the bead evenly to a dull red glow. Cool until the glow is gone, put the bead under the table to check.

reducing process

Create a reduction flame

• Turn down the oxygen

• Turn up the propane

• Turn down the oxygen and turn up the propane, OR

• Turn OFF the oxygen and turn up the propane until it’s raging with a visual “gap” in front of the torch face – Dragon’s Breath

reducing process

Waft the bead in and out of the reduction flame, always continue to rotate.

reducing process

Reduce in a smaller reduction flame multiple times is better than trying to reduce in a large reduction flame just once.

Experiment with the length of the reduction time, different reduction flame, and/or repeat the sequence to achieve different effects.

Use an oxidizing and/or neutral flame for more effects.

Each reducing silver glass is different, some require minimal reduction and often over reduces just as quickly while others require heavier reduction.

Stay away from the yellow candles unless it’s done purposefully.

Use an oxidizing flame to erase the reduction effects and start all over if needed (note that some glass may streak, utilize this in your design!).

Video Demonstration with Double Helix Arke

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