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Leaf Wreath – Blattkranz Shawl

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl pattern

Blattkranz Shawl – Leaf Wreath is a deep crescent-shape shawl based on the Herbert Niebling pattern of the same name, Leaf Wreath in English. Blattkranz is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. The original pattern, in half, is a half circle. I incorporated patterns to the two edges for a softer deep crescent shape. I hope to continue modifying these amazing designs – Blattkranz is the third one after Quadratische Decke (QD) and Pfingstrose (Peony) – into a more wearable shawl shape with well illustrated charts and clear instructions so more knitters will discover and enjoy the magic of Niebling.

Blattkranz uses approximately two skeins (874y / 800m) of fingering-weight yarns. It may also be knitted in lace-weight yarn for a more open look, or sport-weight yarn for a denser fabric and larger shawl. Test knit usage ranged from 692y to 962y / 632m to 880m. See this post for more information on test knit details. Blattkranz may be knitted with or without beads. The number of beads used, up to about 900, for applicable sections is listed below.

This pdf version of Blattkranz is for viewing on your computer. You may also print one (1) copy for your personal use. Please make sure you have high-speed internet connection.


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Skill Level
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. It’s a fairly simple pattern as far as a Niebling goes. There is no pattern on the WS rows except for the ptbl on the RS ktbl and two k/p on the RS double YOs. Attention is still needed to follow simple sequences within each chart.

Charts only. Pattern does not include row-by-row written instruction.

A large, deep crescent

Lace, heavy lace, as well as fingering weight are recommended. You may even knit it in sport or dk weight if you wish for a larger, cozier shawl.

To best showcase the various stitch patterns of Blattkranz, self-striping or extremely variegated yarns with vast tonal differences are NOT recommended.

Size is only adjustable by weight and needle size. Sample shawl (first picture) is 23” x 53” (59cm x 135cm) with a stretched out top edge of 61” (155cm). If you prefer a larger and more open-lace shawl, go up a needle size or two.

Gauge isn’t important but will determine the final size of the shawl.

Sample shawl (first picture) is knitted on US3/ 3.25mm needles. Go up or down needle size depending on the weight of your yarn and the tension of your knitting. Please note that this will affect yardage required.

Circular needles in size US3 / 3.25mm depending on your gauge, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needle, crochet hook or other tool if you are adding beads, T-pins, and blocking wire(s) and mat (optional).

Size 6 or 8 rounds for heavy lace weight, size 6 rounds or size 5 triangles for fingering weight. Bead all or just some of these charts.

Chart B – 31  beads
Chart C – 30 beads
Chart D – 245 beads
Chart E – 144 beads
Chart F – 390 beads
Chart G – 42 beads
Total – 882 beads

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Hayley | fingering weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Trang | lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Tish | fingering weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Monika | heavy lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Marcy | heavy lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Ma | fingering weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Kathy | heavy lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Jutta | lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Glenys | lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Diana | fingering weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

Alyssa | heavy lace weight

leaf wreath blattkranz shawl

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Leaf Wreath – Blattkranz Shawl

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