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Explore the Magic of Silver Glass

Elevate: Coring Glass Beads with Sterling Silver Tubing and Handcrafted Caps

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Explore the Magic of Silver Glass   

explore the magic of silver glass workshop


Our first virtual workshop is based on Hayley's information-packed in-person class, Explore the Magic of Silver Glass. Two-day LIVE Zoom classes and two-week post-class support via Facebook Private Group where students are encouraged to ask questions, share pictures, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow students – are further reinforced with repeat access to 21 lessons, 14 demo videos with captions and voice over, and 25+ pages handout. Enroll in the next session of the course here.

Reducing Intensive

reducing intensive workshop beads image

Module 1 – Reducing Intensives concentrates on working with a variety of reducing silver glass. Students will explore the many facets of different flame chemistry, along with Hayley's own "paint brush" method, to bring out all the unexpected magenta and peacock green luster colors within one silver glass. Students will also learn how to best capture – and RETAIN – the pearlescent effects under encasement.

Striking Demystified

striking demystified workshop beads image

Module 2 – Striking Demystified concentrates on working with a variety of striking silver glass. In addition to learning the three-step striking process, students will explore different ways to encase striking silver glass.

Dual/Combination Explained

dual combination explained workshop beads image

Module 3 – Dual/Combination Explained concentrates on working with silver glass that both strikes and reduces and how best to capture the unique characteristics of these colorful and iridescent glass under encasedment.

Students must be at an advanced beginner skill level and comfortable working on a fuel/oxygen mix torch.

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How a virtual workshop with live session(s) and support works

Course contents 

Workshop contains one or more modules. Each module has multiple lessons with step-by-step instruction usually via demo videos and/or written instruction, supported with PDF downloads. Videos can easily be standalone teaching tools with captions, voice over, and diagrams when applicable. Students are encouraged to watch these videos as often as they wish on their own as they practice the techniques over the three months (90 days) after the LIVE Zoom class. 

LIVE Zoom class 

LIVE classes are one to two days in length lasting about four hours per day with frequent breaks. We will be watching these prerecorded videos together with real-time interaction, discussion, and Q&A. Students will be working on their own after the LIVE Zoom class. 

Two-week post LIVE Zoom class support

Via the Discussion Panel right within each module/lesson and a Facebook Private Group. Ask questions, share pictures, and enjoy the camaraderie with your fellow students. Students will continue to have access to the Facebook Private Group without instructor support throughout the same three months (90 days) as the portal access.

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Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy – in order to create an account with an username and password on the enVision Virtual Workshop Portal (link above), one must agree to the site’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

Liability Waivers – students taking a for-purchase virtual workshop must print, fill out, initial, sign, date, and return the Liability Waivers. This is a required document (and only one is needed for all workshops unless student's information changes) and failure to submit will result in access to the course removed

Questionnaire – optional but helpful for the instructor to better tailor the LIVE class to students' needs.

Zoom LIVE Class – invitation for each day of the LIVE class will be emailed after all the above are received in the week prior to the LIVE session. Please join meeting with video on (see The Fine Print below) and audio off. Respecting your privacy, Zoom meeting will NOT be recorded.

Facebook Private Group – an invitation to join will be sent same time as the Zoom LIVE Class. This is the interactive platform for the two-week post LIVE Class support. Students may also ask questions on the Discussion Panel right in the Portal within each module/lesson. Please make sure you provide your Facebook username.

What you need – glass/tool list listed for each workshop may be requested before signing up. Optional discounted silver glass bundle for purchase (direct from Double Helix) is also available via the provided private link after registration is complete.

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• a completed Liability Waiver
• a skill level (usually advanced beginner to intermediate) is listed with each workshop
• comfortable working on a propane/oxygen mix torch is a must
• a device (computer, tablet, phone) with video and audio capabilities and high-speed internet a basic understanding on how Zoom app, Facebook private group, and the virtual platform work

The Fine Print

To ensure students have the full 90-day portal access to the course, expiration date will be manually adjusted before LIVE Zoom Class commences. Note that the portal utilizes UTC time, please adjust to your time zone accordingly.

Two-week instructor support starts the day after LIVE Zoom class.

"Watch parties" or sharing access with unregistered persons to live, prerecorded, or downloadable content for this course is strictly prohibited. Students should arrange their viewing area so their cameras can be left on during live events to assist the instructor in monitoring student participation. Students who need to turn off their cameras for extended periods or log into the sessions with more than one device should coordinate with the instructor in advance of each session.

Please review the free information and demo videos in the Resources module and/or check out the free Basics course on the portal (link above under Virtual Workshop) before signing up for the full workshop. Due to instant access to much of the course materials, once transaction is complete, there is no refund. In case of extenuating circumstance, please contact us via email for possible arrangement.

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Created with the success of the students in mind

Learn under the tutelage of Hayley Tsang Sather – from the many fundamental facets of working with silver glass to her signature glass series, as well as metal components that turn glass into wearing jewelry! New workshops will be added frequently starting with the popular Explore the Magic of Silver Glass and the on-demand Elevate: Coring Glass Beads with Sterling Silver Tubing and Handcrafted Caps.

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