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Nephthys Shawl

nephthys shawl pattern

Nephthys Shawl is a deep-crescent shaped shawl named after Nephthys: an Egyptian goddess who was the personification of darkness and all that belongs to it and sister to goddess Isis. Nephthys means “lady of the house” but in this case, it’s referred to a house of worship, thus referring to the goddess as being in the role of a priestess rather than a homemaker.

Nephthys is a mostly solid shawl with lace accents and is the result of Hayley’s current love of knitting lace and her early obsession with cables. Nephthys uses approximately 675-750 yards / 615-685 meters for the regular version and 825-1050 yards / 755-960 meters for the large version in fingering-weight yarn. It may also be knitted in heavier weight yarn for a warmer and cozier shawl. Nephthys may be knitted with or without beads..

This pdf version of Nephthys is for viewing on your computer. You may also print one (1) copy for your personal use. Please make sure you have high-speed internet connection.


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Skill Level
Intermediate. Charts only. Pattern does not include row-by-row written instruction.

A deep crescent

Fingering and sport-weight yarns are suitable, as well as DK weight for a cozier, warmer shawl. Since fingering-weight yarns vary in strand size, go with US2/2.75mm or 2.5/3mm if it’s a thinner strand and US3/3.25mm if it’s a plushier one. Approximately 675-750 yards / 615-685 meters for the regular version and 825-1050 yards / 755-960 meters for the large version in fingering-weight yarn are used. Finished dimensions may be adjusted by using different yarn weights and needle sizes to achieve varying gauges. Note that yarn usage will vary depending on weight of yarn and/or needle size used, see previous page for more information as well as individual test knitter’s project page on Ravelry for chart-by-chart usage.

In order to best showcase the cable designs of this pattern, solid, semi-solid, and gradient yarns are recommended.

Gauge isn’t important but will determine the final size of the shawl. Two version – regular and larger – are included in the pattern.

ircular needles in size US2.5/3mm or US3/3.25mm (depending on yarn weight, thickness of the fingering-weight strand, and your knitting tension), cable needle, crochet hook, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needle, T-pins, and blocking wire(s) and mat (optional).

Size 6 rounds, size 5 triangles, or size 4 cubes for fingering weight (400m/100g). Bead all or just some of these charts:

Chart C – 10 beads
Chart D – 10 beads
Chart E – 7 beads
Chart F – 28 beads
Chart G/J – 15 beads
Optional – 156 beads
Chart I/L – 250 beads
Total 476 beads

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Hayley | fingering weight

nephthys shawl

Hayley | fingering weight

nephthys shawl

For more images of knitted Nephthys Shawl, visit Ravelry pattern page.

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Nephthys Shawl

This pattern is available on the fiber site, Ravelry. You do not have to be a member to download the pattern. If you are a member, it will also be added to your Ravelry library. If you are interested in this shawl, Hayley’s current/future designs, and/or just enjoy knitting with like-minded people, become a member and join our Ravelry Group, enVision – for knitters with discriminating taste for luxury yarns and exceptional patterns primarily in challenging lace designs.

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