We are often asked for recommendations for shops, tutorials, etc., thus our sharing some of our resources here and we hope to update this list frequently. Click below for a quick link to the various sections.

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Resources – Flameworking Related

Glass and Glass Supplies

Double Helix Glassworks

Jed and Julie Hannay are the husband and wife team behind Double Helix Glassworks – glassmaker of exclusive made-in-USA 104 coe silver and specialty glasses. Double Helix is known not only for its high-quality striking, reducing, and dual/striking and reducing silver glasses, but also for producing the best clears – Zephyr and Aether – in 104 coe. In addition to testing every batch of glass for compatibility, consistency, and quality, Double Helix is a 100% green power participant and has tested all of its stock colors for lead. Check out its Color Archive for information on past test batches and odd lots. To search for information on its test batches or garage sale box colors, type in the two letters and a hyphen in the search field. It's important to add the hyphen. 

Olympic Color Rods

Olympic Color Rods offers 96 coe furnace glass made by German glassmaker, Reichenbach, as well as its 104 coe line for beadmakers. Most colors are available in canes (for beadmaking), and various sizes in frit and powder. Note that minimum quantity for everything is 1/4 kg which is 8.8 ounces.

Thompson Enamels

Enamels add wonderful colors and textures to a bead. We prefer opaque ones. Make sure to order enamels for Effetre (104 coe).

Lori Riley Designs Dichroic Glass Strips

Lori Riley Designs offers dichoric glass strips in various width and length.

The Glass Hive Bead Annealer

The Glass Hive Bead Annealers are hand built by Michael Crowley. The kilns are well made and come with the best customer service in the glass community.

Bethlehem Burners

The Bethlehem Burners' flame characteristics are perfect for working with encasing silver glass. The new low-pressure stainless steel Alpha – which is also the center fire of the Bravo – is designed to be used efficiently with oxygen concentrators.

Sundance Art Glass

CLOSED! It was destroyed in the Paradise Fire in 2018! Will leave this up while we search for another source for 5/64" mandrels...Sundance Art Glass is the best place to purchase mandrels in bulk and it offers 5/64" size which is between 1/6" and 3/32", the perfect size for small beads.

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Books and Tutorials

Glass Bead Trip by Claudia Trimbur-Pagel

Glass Bead Trip by Claudia Trimbur-Pagel/Glasting is a beautifully designed and laid out book in three languages with step-by-step tutorials of her amazing work in glass and silver precious metal clay.

Penland Book of Glass

The official write up, "Classes in flamework-glass techniques are presented by ten leading contemporary artists who have taught at the renowned Penland School of Crafts. This title offers revelatory essays paired with gorgeous galleries of work. This title includes fantastic photographic step by steps that teach specific skills." In addition to the tutorials by these artists, there is a showcase of work by some of the glass community premier artists.

Taking Reduction Storm – PDF tutorial by Amy Kinsch

Want to add to your silver glass repertoire? Pickk up this wonderful step-by-step tutorial by Amy Kinsch on her special storming technique.

Silver Glass, Volume I: Ether – PDF tutorial by Kim Neely

Interested in working with reducing silver glass? Pick up this informative step-by-step tutorial by Kim Neely.

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Resources – Other

Perlenpressen Beadliner

This is the style of beadliner I prefer. Haven't tried this exact brand but the concept is the same. More important, it's available! (I have one on order!)

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

With Indian Jewelers Supply being out of busines, I have worked with Santa Fe Jewelry Supply in getting the same 5.08mm OD / 4.37mm ID / 27 gauge sterling silver tubings. These are the only tubings for beads made on 3/16" that will work for Pandora-style bracelets. Stock #118205.

Widget Supply

To ream out the bead hole for the 5.08mm OD tubings above, I use these 3/16 inch Diamond Chain Saw Sharpener from Widget Supply.

Beaducation or other vendors

Some disc cutter set (e.g. Swanson) does not include the 3/16" size that fits the 5.08mm OD tubings above. The Power Punch Plier is the one that works. Do an internet search for different vendors. This is heavy so factor in shipping cost in your decision making.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande offers many amazing products. We especially recommend these: slotted mandrel or Wolf slotted mandrel for emery paper (for sanding large-hole glass rings/beads), premium-quality Argentium Silver Anchor Link Magnetic Clasp.

Heather Trimlett Round-Up Tools

With the Infinite Rim Marble Mold no longer available, I am happy to find Heather Trimlett Round-Up Tool in two sizes: original with four sizes – 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4", and large with two sizes – 7/8" and 1".

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Organizations and Shows

International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB)

The ISGB is the leading organization for the promotion, education, and appreciation of the art of glass beadmaking for wearable, sculptural, and functional art. Its mission is to preserve the rich and diverse traditions of the art of glass beadmaking and glassworking techniques; promote educational initiatives and professional development; and encourage innovative use of complementary mediums among artists and craftspeople. There are three ISGB local chapters in California:

SGB NorCal

Silicon Valley Fireflies

SoCal Flamesurfers

2021 Conference will be virtual due to the pandemi . The ISGB annual conference, the Gathering, is a four-day annual event that brings together an international community of glass bead artists and enthusiasts. It is an occasion to become involved in the glass world and make valuable contacts. There are a wide variety of events at the conference to satisfy many interests. It is an opportunity for attendees to network with each other, gallery owners, collectors, technical vendors, and suppliers. It also gives commercial and technical vendors an opportunity to showcase new equipment, tools, supplies, and glass. Through demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, and more, attendees can learn new techniques and business skills to further their glass bead knowledge. The location of the venue changes with 2020 cancelled due to the pandemic, 2019, 2018, and 2017 in Las Vegas, 2016 in New Orleans, 2015 in Albuquerque, 2014 in Houston, Texas, 2013 in Rochester, New York, 2012 in Bellevue, Washington, and 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

The Society of North American Goldsmiths supports and advances the professional practice of artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths. Through education, innovation and leadership, SNAG provides access to a vibrant and passionate community. SNAG also publishes an award winning magazine, Metalsmith, available in both print and digital formats.

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